Student Initiatives

Forum for Exchange of Architectural Thought (FEAT)

FEAT: A MIDAS Students initiative which allows students to interact organize their extracurricular and activities.
Student Exercise to Project


The SCOOP is a students’ forum initiated with a spark of ambition and the intent to help the students access the requisite stationery and other items which they may require. The SCOOP also deals with stocks and shares, which helps the students get an insight into the pros and cons of the world of stakes and business exchanges.

ECO Club

The eco club comprises of all students of MIDAS. An eco-element is always included and plays an important role in all the designs that they work on. This way they are ahead of their peers. Even their basic design models has an eco element and plays an important role in all the designs that they work on. It all started with the plantation day - all the students engaged themselves in planting a tree and took an oath to take care of their respective trees. Every single soul at MIDAS, the Director, the faculty, the admin, the janitors and the cleaners planted a tree. The eco club has come out with a new project that is in process of completion, - “Go Green Bags” project, wherein the MIDAS SCOOP also comes into play.


Students works are adorned at:


MIDAS has signed MoUs with prestigious institution to give international quality education to MIDAS students.