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Swarnabhoomi Academic Institutions

Swarnabhoomi Academic Institutions (SAI) is an ambitious education initiative aimed at connecting the industry with academia while shaping young minds to create a knowledge-based society and bringing about profound harmony and prosperity. The institutions under the SAI banner boast of enviable infrastructure, great learning environment, and experienced faculty; making them become the forerunner in the field of education in the country.

Aiming to bridge the existing knowledge deficit, the Swarna Bhoomi Educity has envisaged the creation of an integrated educational environment that aims to become the “NextGen Knowledge hub for global education in India”. Wrapped in a flourishing natural ambiance of 300 acres at Midas Marg Swarnabhoomi, this knowledge hub is expected to be an educational destination for students from all over the world who are looking for future-oriented learning opportunities.

The institute will provide state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, the best industry-led teaching methodologies, well-facilitated campus life, international exchange programs, project work, and internships. With a vision to spread its wingspan India and then globally, Swarna Bhoomi Edu city aims at creating an Internationally benchmarked education destination in India.

Swarna Bhoomi educity is being developed as a unique educational property integration of academic excellence in its varied forms along with cultural and sports activities. As such it is poised to create its own identity built around the holistic development of young minds while providing its students with exposure to technology-powered learning and development that prepares them to be globally capable, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible citizens with human values in mind.

Through this initiative, Swarna Bhoomi Group will contribute towards the country’s growing need for globally competent high-value skill manpower.


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