M-Info – Sep 2022


M-Info – Sep 2022


M-Info – Sep 2022


On 15th August,2022, MARG Group celebrated 75th Year of  Independence day, setting up a 100ft high flagpole in memoir  of it. This flagpole is considered to be the second tallest one  next to the one that is in the Secretariat, Chennai and now an  iconic symbol of the area Swarnabhoomi. There was a celebra tion at the entrance of the township and the flag was hoisted  by Our Chief Guest. Promoter SAI and CMD, MARG Group 

Chairman. Mr.GRK Reddy , and the Director of SAI, Mrs. Raj ini Reddy (MIDAS). It was a cheering moment of National  spirit. The people from neighboring villages poured in to be a  part of the inauguration and showed their spirit of patriotism. 


The poster competition was organized by our college NSS  Coordinator Asst.Prof. Iyappan and his team on 12th of August  2022, at MIDAS to encourage the students to paint our  independent India in colors, to show the developments after  independence and also to promote the awareness about the  harms of tobacco and drug use. DAD (Drug Awareness Drive ) is  an initiative by Anna University to make all the institutions to  keep their campus tobacco free. Our college students drew  marvelous pictures with the great insight. 

MIDAS (Marg Institute of Design and Architecture  Swarnabhoomi) feted 75th Independence day at its campus  followed by hoisting the gigantic flagpole at the Entrance of  MARG, ECR. The National Flag was hoisted by our Director of  SAI and Chief guest of the event Mrs.V.P .Rajini Reddy and our  Principal Prof. Parisutha Rajan. The event had a few cultural  activities and speech in five different Indian languages about  the greatness of independent india and its unity in diversity .  The prizes were distributed to the winners of the Poster Com petition, Ist Prize– Ms.Divyadarshini-II, 2nd Prize– Mr. Nitin  Noel-II, 3rd Prize– Karthick –IV and Ms.Sharon Maria –III  (Special Mention). The entire program was coordinated and  conducted by the NSS team and the Coordinators; Asst.Prof.  Mr.Iyappan ,the sports officer Mr.Rajasekaran and Asst.Prof.  Ms.Inniya. 


MARG has distributed more than 1000 flags as free to the vil lages around the township (MARG Swarnabhoomi). The NSS  team from MIDAS, coordinated with MARG in the distribution  of the flags. The houses in those villages donned the flags at  their porch. organized by our college NSS Coordinator  Asst.Prof. Iyappan and his team . 

Drug Awareness Drive (DAD)  

Drug Awareness Drive (DAD) , an initiative driven by Anna  University in order to create awareness among the youth  about the dangers behind the use of tobacco and intravenous  drugs. A meet was organized on 12th of August 2022, fol 

lowed by the poster competition by our NSS team to deliver  speeches on Drug free society. The Principal of MIDAS and the  faculties took part in the meet and shared their views on this  drive by AU. It was a necessary one because most of the youth  consider the use of tobacco, drugs & drinking are the fashion 

able activity but this meet was an eye opener as most of the faculty shared experiences from their lives and sited valuable  examples. We are proud to say that MIDAS is a tobacco free  campus and the township itself has no place for tobacco or  any kind of intoxicants. The faculty and the students took  pledge that they would be nowhere a part of tobacco use and  fight against it. 


It was held on 17/08/2022 to erect a Lord Ganesha Temple in  the campus. Lord Ganesha is the lord of knowledge and wis dom ,and housed in the campus. BhumiPooja is a tradition  of offering prayers to the Almighty, Mother Earth and the  other forces of Nature before tilling a land for construction  activities. All the faculty and staff took part in the ritual. 

NASA– Students Meet 

Our students, Ms.Bolini Amritha (III-B.Arch.) and Mr.Surya  Narayanan (II-B.Arch) attended NASA –Meet (National Asso ciation of Students of Architecture, India) at Jaipur, Rajasthan,  from 20/08/2022 to 22/08/2022. The architecture students  come from all over India to take part in this meet to discuss  the events like ANC (Annual NASA Convention), annual budget  of NASA Events. 


It is an IIA –Festival (The Indian Institute of Architecture) was  held at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, from 19/08/22 to  20/08/22 by IIA-Chennai chapter. This festival is a gala for show casing the designs developed by Students and Faculty from the  Architecture institutes in India. Many world renowned architects  like Arch. Biju Kurikose, Architecture Red, Chennai and Arch. Nils  Ficher, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, the UK partook in this  event to encourage the young architects’ creativity. Our Principal  and the faculty members Asst.Prof.Vigneshwaran,  Asst.Prof.Karthick and Asst.Prof.Inniya.A.J ,represented MIDAS at  the event. 

ZERO WASTE FESTIVAL at Pondicherry-Gandhi 

The first ‘Zero Waste Festival’, was held for a week  (21/08/2022 to 28/08/22) opposite the Gandhi Thidal at Pon dicherry. The motto of this fest was to advocate an alternative  and eco-conscious lifestyle without plastic in product packag ing and where citizens self-dispose of their garbage. It was  organized by Artist Kirti Chandak in commemoration of the  75th Independence anniversary and the 150th birth anniver sary of Sri Aurobindo. MIDAS took part in this event and the  studetns displayed their creative skill by making many arte facts from the wastes they found in and around the Thidal  area. Asst.Prof. Vigneshwaran and Asst. Prof. Maniraja were  the faculty coordinators of the event along with other faculty  member of MIDAS. The festival was more of an exhibition of  talent and creativity of the students. THE HINDU and a few  local newspapers praised the event and its cause towards the  society. 

Rangoli & Drawing competition 

On 30th of August 2022, there was a Rangoli and Drawing  

competition for students. The B.Arch IV year students were  

the active participants. Asst.Prof. Guru Sunder and Asst. Prof.  

Vineet Vishal were the faculty coordinators. The IV year Arch  

students bagged the prizes in the competition. Our Promoter  

SAI and CMD, MARG Group Chairman. Mr.GRK Reddy , Our  

Director of SAI, Mrs. Rajini Reddy (MIDAS) and Our Principal  

Dr. Parisutha Rajan congratulated the participants and the  

winners with prizes.  

Planning & Architecture– Combined Studio by  

B.Plan of SPAV & B.Arch of MIDAS 

On 30th August, 2022, One-Day Combined Studio was orga nized by MIDAS in collaboration with the students of SPAV  ( School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada). Prof.  Dr.Abdul Razak Mohamed, Head, Department of Planning,  SPAV and Dr.Prashant Vardhan, Asst.Prof. SPAV coordinated  with the faculty members of MIDAS to the smooth conduction  of this studio. Our Director Mrs.Rajini Reddy,Our Principal  Ar.Parisutha Rajan and Prof.Ar.Jayaraman HOD, were a part of  this studio by giving the facts behind SWARNABHOOMI Project  to the students of SPAV. The faculty coordinator from MIDAS  of the event was Asst.Prof. Ar.Narayanan. The students from  SPAV and MIDAS had a tour of SWARNABHOOMI township  and visited Amritha Tech , the epicenter of Planning and man agement of MIDAS. Mr. G. Selva Kumar, Vice President, MARG  Group, gave a detailed depiction of the project and its vision to  make a perfect township of all kinds of facilities and ameni ties . The end of the studio was a discussion by Prof. Abdul  Razak, Dr.Prasanth Vardhan and the Professors from MIDAS,  with the students of both colleges about their vision over their  projects. The entire joint studio was video-documented by  Assoc.Prof. Abdul Khader Mohideen. 

Vidya Ganapathi Temple Kumbabishekam   &  

Vinayaka Chadurthi events at MIDAS 

On 31st of August, 2022, MIDAS celebrated the festival Vina yaka Chaturthi to commemorate Lord Ganesha, the God of  Knowledge and Prosperity. On this auspicious day, Shri Vidya  Ganapathi Temple Kumbabishekam was conducted with the  all rituals to glorify Lord Ganesha and to get his blessings. It  was a long time interest of MIDAS to set up a temple for Lord  Ganesha at the college premise. Its dream has come true in  this year. All the faculty and the staff took part in this event  and celebrated with full of happiness and devotion. The Ad 

min. Dept. of MIDAS took lots of effort from the day one to  finish the temple construction at the scheduled time.  Assoc.Prof. Ar. Mohana Gopiraj, Asst.Prof. Ar. Vigneshwaran,  Asst.Prof. Vineet Vishal and Asst.Prof. Gurusunder put lots of  effort in setting up the temple on the allotted place. We con fer our sincere thanks on the entire team for their guidance  and presence to get the temple built. 

Rangoli & Drawing competition

Editorial Board: 

Prof. Parisutha Rajan, Principal 

Prof. Jayaraman Nenmeli , HOD 

Asst.Prof. Radhakrishnan Rajasekaran. English Dept. 

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